Unity Event Paths do not match bank event paths

Hey all I’ve been having an issue today where Unity no longer appears to have the correct event paths for all of the FMOD events.
I have my Level 2 music, as seen via the FMOD Events browser in unity:

…image I can’t upload because I’m a new user…
Notice how the banks listed are level 2 and master (in studio this is only in level 2, but was in both previously)
If I set a Studio Event Emitter to this event path the music does not play and I get an EventInstanceNotFoundException.

Now if I go to my music controller:
Notice how it says the event is not found, and the event path is different than above?
This event path matches FMOD Studio, and the GUIDs.txt export ({48050a82-cde9-4e5c-8660-ebc8a4090295} event:/Music/Level_2_Music/Regular), and actually works.

I have tried reexportin my banks, deleting Unity’s Library folder and reimporting everything, killing unity, etc.

Any help would be great.

Can you see the banks in the StreamingAssets folder?

What do you see if you click the Event browser button next to the event path (the magnifying glass)?

Are you getting any warnings or errors in the console log?

Hey Cameron thanks for the response.

Unfortunately I cannot replicate currently on my work computer, as the problem stopped happening after the next days commit from our sound designer.

This problem happens intermittently every time there is a change to the folder structure of the banks/events (I apologize for my misuse of terminology I am very new to FMOD).

If I recall correctly the answers to your questions are as follows:

  1. On a Studio Event Emitter if you click the browse icon you can browse the outdated path structure of the event paths, you can then select the correct event, and the guid shows up fine in editor. But will not play when you run the game.
  2. It throws a EventInstanceNotFoundException

The only issue appears to be that when the paths have been updated unity either takes a while to update or there is a specific file that is not always updated by FMOD studio that we need to ensure is updated.

If it happens again I will try to get more information.

It sounds like maybe not all the banks have been updated, but that is purely a guess at the moment.

Any other information you can get would be great, thanks.