Are tracker formats still supported? (.mod, .xm, etc.)

Hi there,
FMOD newbie here. I’ve been trying to import tracker files (.mod, .xm, etc.) into FMOD Studio but it doesn’t seem to work. Yet I’ve come across a few posts where people seem to be using this formats but maybe with older versions… Any idea? Thanks!

It’s not possible to import or audition tracker files in an FMOD Studio project.

You can use tracker formats at the game’s runtime by using programmer instruments and providing the tracker files for when the FMOD::Sound is created.

Thanks! This is just a low level playback system, right?

I was interested in using the FMOD Studio workflow for the adaptive/random features. But I was also hoping I could use tracker “clips” because of size/memory constraints. Maybe there are better ways?

You can certainly still use trackers with all the features included in FMOD Studio, you just won’t be able to audition them in the application (only in the game). You can rename the programmer instruments and then use those during the callback to only play specific tracker files. So for example, you can have a multi instrument with programmer instruments all named differently and the game code will play different files based on the name.

That’s perfect thanks!