FMOD + Game Maker Studio 2?

Hi there,

I am currently working as a sound designer and composer with a very small team on a strategy / simulation game. Since we will have lots of sounds like randomized one shots, loops, adaptive music… sounds that are played back only in specific regions of the map etc. I wanted to suggest using FMOD for the integration altough the programmer is very talented and should be able to do most of this things himself.

During discussion we found out it’s not officially supported by Game Maker Studio 2 to use FMOD as middleware. So as you can imagine this instantly stopped us from thinking if we should or should not :smiley:
So my question is if you guys have any late experiences using both Game Maker Studio 2 and FMOD? In addition do you guys have any more reason why we should use FMOD over Game Maker Studio 2 audio engine?

I would be very happy for your help.

Have you looked at FMODGMS? It’s a third-party extension for Game Maker Studio 2 that provides GML bindings for the FMOD Core API.

As for why you should use FMOD over the built-in audio capabilities of your game engine, FMOD is a specialised tool for adaptive game audio, and so contains many advanced features geared specifically to supporting complex audio behavior in games. Game engines are not specialised in audio; their audio tools are adequate for most simple and common use-cases, but if you ever want to do something complex or unusual, you’ll find it much easier with middleware - and that’s where FMOD comes in.

FMOD has far too many features to list in a single forum thread, but you can check out our products page and examples and documentation for more information.

If there anything something specific you want to do with your game’s audio, just ask about here, and we’ll explain how to achieve it in FMOD.

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Thx Joseph, that helps a lot!
I will check that out :slight_smile:

@kyrildrums Interesting coincidence on the timing of your post. I sent an email to YoYoGames over the weekend requesting the support of FMOD as a feature (not my first time reaching out to them about this). I’ll follow up here with any response they send. Good to know that there are others interested in this.

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Hey, that’s good to hear! As for now we keep going with GMS intern audio options but 100% supported FMOD integration would still be nice. I think the farer we go with the game the more important it will be!

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