Why might Async not be working? (except for in the transition timeline)

Async is just not working - the tail gets cut off even when I enable it. However, it is working great when I enable async on a region in the transition timeline; just not in the normal timeline. I can even see the white bar move to the end of the tail, but I am not hearing the tail. What am I missing? Anything I could check? Many thanks

How is your asynchronous instrument being untriggered?

I ask because you mention you’re using transition timelines, and transition timelines don’t actually untrigger any instruments when entered; they just silence the source section of the timeline and begin playing the destination section. If you want to continue playing instruments from the source section of the main timeline inside the transition timeline, you’ll have to drag in the left edge of the transition timeline on the track that contains the instrument to create a source region. (Alternatively, you could replace the transition timeline with a transition marker that jumps the playback position to an isolated section of the timeline, but that’s a more draastic step, and would require you to recreate your transition timeline’s interstitial content on that isolated timeline section.)

It’s also possible that you’ve set the instrument to cut mode. You can check this by selecting the instrument and checking whether its cut toggle button is highlighted in gold.

Many thanks for your answer.

The instrument is not set to cut mode, but I wonder if there is something else I haven’t checked.

What I aim to do is to have a one shot sting that plays, and midway through the sting, transition to another music loop whilst the tail of the sting is still fading out.

I believe this is achieved simply by checking async - but it isn’t working

It sounds like you’re starting a transition timeline mid-way through the instrument that’s cutting off suddenly. As I mentioned in the second paragraph of my previous post, transition timelines don’t actually untrigger instruments when they begin, but rather silence that section of the timeline, regardless or whether the instruments there are asynchronous. If this is what’s happening in your project, you should try one of the two possible solutions I mentioned: Either giving the transition timeline a source region on the appropriate track, or replacing the transition timeline with an isolated section of the main timeline.

Hi, thanks again for your help.

This particular instrument is not touching a transition timeline at all. It is entirely on the main timeline.

However, the source region idea you mentioned gave me the idea to recreate the sting but inside the transition timeline, which proved to be a solution and this has really helped.

Thank you!!