Audio 'clicking' on crossfade even though files start at zero

I have been working on a re-sound for a car in Assetto Corsa and have run into a problem where one of the audio files (2k offload) is causing a loud click at the point where the two crossover curves meet. I have triple checked that the file in question starts and ends at zero, and every other file in the project works fine. I am fairly new to FMOD so I may have missed something obvious, but if anyone knows the cause of this issue any help you could give would be amazing.

I am working on version 1.08.12 of FMOD studio as it’s the newest version that works with Assetto Corsa.

Unfortunately, we no longer support Studio version 1.08.12, and as a result I cannot help you much with this issue. Try setting the asset in question to not stream (the blue “STREAM” button in the asset preview in the bottom left) and see whether that makes a difference, but past that, I would recommend reaching out to the Assetto Corsa modding community to see whether they can be of assistance.