[Issue] Weird Click on Transitions

Here is what I am talking about: FMOD Weird Click on transition - YouTube

Definitely this will be a “noob question”.
As in the video, the transition between two clips produces a weird click sound, I would understand if it was only on one clip, but they all are all doing it.
It is NOT an issue with the sound clip itself as I made sure they are all seamless. When I play the sound from the little box on the bottom there is no click at all. I am wondering what I am doing wrong.

Please someone help!

What version of FMOD Studio are you using? This doesn’t happen to me on 2.02.
A workaround I would imagine would be to put overlapping audio files on different tracks and fade them in rather than “crossfading”.

I’m using V1.08.12 which is the version required to make mods for Assetto Corsa.
I could try doing that, not sure if it’s gonna work in the games engine tho

Me too have this problem. Did you solve it?