Random Click at the end of the sounds.

(Zoltan Telek) #1

When is build an event 3d. Then insert some sounds in multisound box.
Random click generated to the end of the sound files. But it seems random. Fmod select 1-2 wavefile and if i play the event a random click appear at the and of the file.
Only if event played!
If i chek the sound files in the playlist it is sound well no click at the end.!

i see this problem is totally random. in our project i have 20-30 weapon event and only 5-8 get this bug.
version 1.09.02

(Joseph Harvey) #2

Thanks for the bug report. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to reproduce the behavior you describe. Could you please send a copy of an affected file to support@fmod.com so that we can investigate it?

(Joseph Harvey) #3

After some investigation, I was able to reproduce this issue, and have added it to our bug tracker.