Random Click at the end of the sounds

When is build an event 3d. Then insert some sounds in multisound box.
Random click generated to the end of the sound files. But it seems random. Fmod select 1-2 wavefile and if i play the event a random click appear at the and of the file.
Only if event played!
If i chek the sound files in the playlist it is sound well no click at the end.!

i see this problem is totally random. in our project i have 20-30 weapon event and only 5-8 get this bug.
version 1.09.02

Thanks for the bug report. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to reproduce the behavior you describe. Could you please send a copy of an affected file to support@fmod.com so that we can investigate it?

After some investigation, I was able to reproduce this issue, and have added it to our bug tracker.

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this can be reproduced in 2.00.04…

Correct, this issue has not yet been fixed. It is still in our bug tracker, however, and will therefore be addressed at a future date.

Most issues of this type work around it by always using audio files that begin and end with zero crossings.

i always use zero crossing, but when the bug came out in an event i fade to zero all the samples and reload… and same click appears… everytime and only in the same wav/event… so its random, but if somehow availabel that event and that wav always has the click…

forgot to mention only Async mode is selected!

In that case, I’m afraid there is no workaround other than to avoid using that wav file.