Audio cutting out in Unity 5.6

(Kristen) #1

We were previously using Unity 5.5.3f1 with FMOD Unity plugin 1.09.07 without any issues. We actually exhibited our game at Gamescom last month, running our Mac/Win builds on several machines all day continuously for 4 days straight. However, after upgrading to Unity 5.6.2p4 our audio now becomes scratchy/static-y after ~1 hr of gameplay and increasingly cuts out until it’s almost inaudible after ~2 hrs of gameplay. I logged the cpu usage before exiting each scene and observed the dspusage and studiousage values increasing steadily over time. For example, here are some values I recorded after 2 hrs:

after 25s: dspusage 0.4428328, studiousage 0.1845792
49s: dspusage 1.087573, studiousage 0.1812567
9min: dspusage 15.94857, studiousage 8.91303
10min: dspusage 17.09911, studiousage 9.446562

45min: dspusage 62.84464, studiousage 42.00607
46min: dspusage 59.86729, studiousage 34.07656
56min: dspusage 62.15407, studiousage 41.4464

94min: dspusage 80.91753, studiousage 67.04572
95min: dspusage 84.5693, studiousage 47.51013
115min: dspusage 99.61926, studiousage 72.40491

We’re a bit stumped at what the issue could be - no major changes to our project other than the Unity upgrade and we release every event that we create. Has anyone else experienced this behavior with Unity 5.6? Any suggestions/workarounds?

(Cameron Baron) #2

This is due to a bug in the behavior of nested events with multi-sound instruments on a parameter and no sounds on the timeline.

This has been added to our tracker and will be fixed in a future release.