I can't figure out why our ambience is cutting out

I have a Tower Defense project that can play a lot of gun sounds on screen at one time. I have our virtual channel counts and real channel counts all maxed out in Unity Editor but we’re noticing the ambience cuts out about 6-8 minutes during games. I ran the profiler to see if the mass of events could be hitting the limit but it looks like I’m nowhere close to the max. Furthermore, I’ve verified several times that only the ambience and the music have the highest priority while every other event sits at a lower place in this hierarchy. Are there any suggestions what might be causing this? And where else can I look to dig into this more?

Here’s the profiler session where the ambience cuts out:

There’s a couple of potential areas I would recommend taking a look at:

  • Observing events by “lifespans” in the profiler is always a good idea to pinpoint when an event instance stops or goes virtual
  • Swap to the API Calls view in the profiler to see whether the FMOD system is receiving any API commands to stop the ambience event
  • If you’re releasing the ambience event instance, is there any behavior that would cause the ambience event to reach its natural end and thus stop?
  • Are you playing the event instance using a Studio Event Emitter in Unity? If so, what “stop event” condition is being used, if any, and could it be being triggered?

However, since you’ve already ruled out a number of potential causes, it’s difficult for me to suggest anything specific without access to your profiler session. Could I get you to package a profiler session where the error occurs with all “Binaries to include” options enabled, and upload it to your FMOD user profile for me to take a look at?