Variables from Scripts not Shown in Inspector, Problem with Finding Events

Hey all!

I’m a bit new to FMOD, and I’m currently working on a small project where I am creating different footstep sounds that play different sounds according to the various surfaces the player is on. I am using this video as reference, and I imported the scripts from this video for the project as well. As for the sounds, those are all my own, and I’ve formatted it in the exact same way that the person in the video did. I am experiencing a weird error, and I was unsure if it had to do with not configuring FMOD correctly. Specifically, my inspector should be showing variables from the script, but instead it shows nothing (it only shows the text Footsteps Event Path, and no button to connect the event path).

It’s been hard to determine the root of the issue, given my general new-ness to all of this. I think it has to do with FMOD events in my project not being able to be located in my scripts. I’ve tried using the FMOD Studio Event Emitter, and the events for that project won’t show up on my inspector, either.


Any ideas about what I’m doing incorrectly would be appreciated. Thank you!

Can you confirm in the FMOD Unity settings that your FMOD Studio project is linked to the Unity project? You should be able to see your banks in the StreamingAssets folder too.

Also, can you confirm that your events are assigned to banks?