Loss of Playback when using Resonance Audio Listener

Hello and thanks in advance!

We are testing out FMOD and resonance audio for our VR game in UE4. However I am unable to hear playback in FMOD after adding the resonance audio listener to my Master Buss. Once I delete the plugin I hear playback fine. With or without the plugin there is visible metering.

Is there a download or setup step I am missing?

Thanks so much!

You need to have the Resonance Audio Source on the event you wish to spatialize.

Also, if you place the Resonance Audio Listener on the master bus, then any non-spatialized events won’t be heard. Instead it is best to have a “spatialized” group bus with the listener on that bus and to route any spatialized events into this bus.

For more information, take a look at our documentation:


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