Audio Quality Drop building for iOS with Unity

All of the files I am using are wav files that I am importing into FMOD Studio. Should they be mp3 to save on memory? Our main target for the game I am working on, Not Everything is Flammable, is iOS, but I have noticed that there is a big drop in quality with frequent distortion when building on iOS in Unity. When I build for Mac or PCs, there is nearly no loss in quality. Do you have any idea how to fix that or optimize the quality I am getting?

You should always use .wav as your source files for FMOD Studio. When you build the bank compression will be performed. For iOS I recommend you choose ADPCM from the bank screen, it has has fairly low overhead to decode on the mobile device.

As for quality loss, by default we configure iOS for 24KHz playback vs 48KHz on Mac / PC, this will cause some quality loss in the higher frequencies. It can be easily adjusted with System::setSoftwareFormat at the cost of more CPU at runtime.

Otherwise you mention distortion, this could be due to saturating the CPU, as I mentioned above, ADPCM can help here. To check your CPU usage please try calling System::getCPUUsage and make sure it isn’t going over 100%.