Audio radar in Unity

Hi guys. I would like to create an audio radar for my 3rd person mobile game. This feature is designed for player who don’t want to use headphones. My idea is simple: player has “circle” around his legs. This circle should respond to sound like footsteps, explosions etc. Player should be able to “recognise” sounds source and distance based on spectrum and amplitude visualization. So far i have only achieved spectrum visualization without direction for a single sound instance and it’s already creates heavy load on FPS.

What exactly are you having trouble with?

As workaround, i have created extenshion method on PlayOneshot(). Besides the usual functionality, it saves a link to the position of the sound is singleton class.
Is there a way to find out where the player(audioListenr) hears the sound from(direction) using FMOD utilities or i should stick to my solution?

If you are looking for something like a vector between each Sound and the listener, this is something you would need to calculate. Event emitters receive their position from the attached game object, so you could do that too.