Resonance Audio source spatialization

Is it possible to use Resonance Audio plugins to get the following system: we have a game object when we enter into this object we need to receive stereo audio like we are “inside the emitter”, but when we are outside this object became a mono emitter.
This kind of system could be done by a standard FMOD spatializer but I’m wondering if it’s possible to make it by using Resonance Audio Source and Resonance Audio Soundfield.
Thank you all for your help and suggestions.


To clarify, do you want your audio source to be spatialized normally until you’re inside a certain area, at which point it plays like a normal stereo sound without spatialization?

Yes, exactly

Unfortunately there’s no way to do so besides routing around the Resonance audio listener. You may be able to approximate the intended effect by attaching the audio source to the in-game listener once they’re “inside the emitter”, alongside (if needed) automating the directivity, directivity sharpness, and spread settings, but the sound will still be spatialized to an extent and won’t play as a normal stereo sound.

So there is no way to achieve same behavior as default object spatializer has - within the min radius sound is played in stereo while outside of min radius is spatialized

We’re trying to achieve this result for bushes - when player is inside them we want him to hear sound that will surround him, but when someone else is entering the bushes, player needs to hear accurate position of the event in space. While we were using default spatializer, we achieved such effect with a stereo sample and 2m min radius, but we can’t achieve it with resonance spatializer.

Maybe you can advise on how to achieve such effect?

Sorry, I misunderstood what you were asking. The event macro controls for minimum and maximum distance in the bottom right hand corner of the event editor control the distance bounds for the Resonance Audio Source plugin - the distance attenuation graph on the plugin will update to reflect them. You should be able to achieve what you want by changing those values to an appropriate minimum distance, the same way you did with the regular FMOD Spatializer.