FMOD, Unity, and Google Resonance. Bug with spacial audio?

So for starters, I know very little about working with Audio and game engines but I’ve gotten FMOD, Google Resonance, and Unity all setup and working together for a VR project. Everything seems to work great in FMOD Studio and most sounds/events are just fine played in unity with nice spacialized audio.

But there are a few select events where very odd things are happening in Unity. There is an odd issue that happens where a few random sounds here and there become “garbled” and blown out. I’ve linked to a video of the profiler recording a session of gameplay in Unity and if you look in the 3D spatializer, it has random odd sounds flashing up on the very edges. I have nothing making any sound that distance from the listener in the scene.

Profiler Video:

Anyone know what might be going on? Is this maybe just a bug in Google Resonance?

It looks and sounds like it could be due to the position of the event being changed multiple times and the sound cuts in and out. You should be able to track one of the suspect events in the profiler and see if the position rapidly changes.