Scatterer Instrument panning problem with Unity

Hi, we are making 3D open world game but I have a problem with creating ambience. We have city scene and I created Event with 1 single instrument (loop background) and another two Scatterer instruments. In first car passby and second car honks. In Fmod seems everything fine, but when I send event into Unity and attach it to box collider, honks and passbys are always emitting from only one direction. I would like to create random panning with these one shot sounds. I can see in Unity Object - Fmod Studio event emitter is panning set to 3D but Im not sure if there can be problem. Thanks for your help. Lukas

It sounds like the event itself is 3D and what you are hearing is the event emitting sound from a certain location. Try to remove the spatializer from the event and try again. Alternatively, you can attach the event to the listener game object if you still require some degree of 3D spatialization.