Audio Skipping: Sound Source Instrument Instance: Loading Delay Exceeded

Hello, our game has been using FMOD for a long time now, we have never had an issue like this. In our one scene, we have a single 2D Music track. Under Advanced Controls, “Preload Sample Data” is set to True. In a separate script, I am calling the following code in Awake, “track.Preload = true;” where track is a public variable referencing the StudioEventEmitter. In the FMOD Settings across the whole project, in the “Initialization” Section we have set “Load Banks” to “All” and “Load Bank Sample Data” to True.

When playing the level on Xbox One (this issue does not occur in editor), the track seems to play smoothly at the beginning and starts to stutter once we set the parameter value to 2, changing the music track to the final sequence. We have tried switching the event it is referencing to something that we already know works in another level, and the issue still occurs. The game does not lag at all and is running at a constant 30 FPS the entire time.

When looking at the warning logs generated on Xbox, I just get a ton of the following:
SoundSourceInstrumentInstance: Loading Delay Exceeded…

How do I fix this? What could be the cause?

Thank you!

If the assets used by an Event are set to stream, preloading sample data will have no effect because the data will be streamed directly from the disk.

You could try connecting the Studio Profiler, this can provide a lot of useful information and may help indicate if there are any issues (eg. memory, cpu, etc).