AudioTrack isLongTimeZoreData Log Issue

Hey guys anyone knows what is the meanin of that?

Unfortunately I can’t provide any information on that particular log, as it’s not an FMOD log and I cannot find any Android documentation that mentions it. Sorry that I can’t be of any more help.

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We’re getting this message from fmod spamming our logs. It’s an info messages from the Android java AudioTrack class, but fmod is the system driving this. Can you please advise how to suppress this? It’s logging every 1s on an Adreno 610 device.

While FMOD is driving AudioTrack, the log is coming from the OS layer, and unfortunately as far as I can tell FMOD can’t do anything about it. If you wish to suppress it, you’ll likely want to manually filter it from the log output. For logcat from the command line, you can use filter expressions to remove all AudioTrack logs - the filter you’ll want in this case is probably AudioTrack:W. Depending on how you’re viewing the log, you may have better options, as Android Studio will let you filter by log message as well.