Automatic gunshots with different fire rate


We have a grades system which means that when you upgrade your skill, the fire rate of appropriate weapon is increasing. Hence, the speed of shooting sounds should be increased. What is the best way to set this system within FMOD? We tried to make three different loop regions (corresponding to three grades), the shorter the region - the higher fire rate, and setting looping by pressing LMB and unsetting looping by releasing LMB. Also we tried to create one loop region and setting the scatterer instrument and changing the Spawn Rate parameter. But in both cases we faced different issues such as double sound when pressing LMB once, or pausing looping (likely because of unstable FPS).
Is there some perfect way to make automatic shooting with several fire rates?

Try to dimension the scatterer less than one shot duration and snap a sustain point (instead of a loop) at the exact end of the instrument. It tend to find this more reactive and precise than a conditional loop.

Thanks for your reply! And what should I do to increase the fire rate? I’ve added Sustain point with condition (discrete parameter “isloop”). If Spawn Rate is 100% then everything is okay, however if I increase the Spawn Rate, then comes double sound even without being sustained.

That shouldn’t. Or maybe should you shorten the instrument a bit more. Could you share some screenshots?

Right, I decreased the size of Scatterer instrument and that worked