Bait method for Fmod?

for example if I load in a song, is there any way that it will play a “bait” instead of the original song but in other audio programs it plays only the original?

I’m not quite understanding your question. Could you give an example of what you’re asking for?

yes, there is its called fmod / vlc baits where you combined a audio file in notepad++ I have a few baits i made pretty much you get your audio and paste the bait binary under the audio binary

Generally we try to ensure playback of any files supported in FMOD follow the specification as closely as possible. When it’s unclear we do our best to ensure playback within FMOD matches common expectation by comparing against popular audio software such as VLC, Audacity, Windows Media Player.

We have recently corrected some such discrepancies and will continue to do so going forward. We do not encourage developers to find ways to exploit audio played in FMOD and as such I will lock this thread. If developers wish to contribute to the removal of these discrepancies, please contact us at