Can we use fmod with videoplayer

when we use fmod plugin, we disable unity’s internal audio system, so we can not listen the sound in mp4.
can we use fmod to listen the sound from mp4.
the way i knew is extract audio from mp4, but the problem is not sync. so has any other good ways?

The recommended approach is to take the audio from the video and play that manually from FMOD and handle the synchronization yourself. If you are having synchronization issues however then you can try leaving Unity Audio enabled and it shouldn’t cause any major issues- unless you are packaging to Xbox.

I’m am guessing that by “extract audio from mp4”, you mean to load in Unity the audio and the video as two different files, right?

If so, instead of that, you might want to try using the AudioSampleProvider:

Basically, on the VideoPlayer script, you set the “Audio Output Mode” to “API Only”, add a script similar to the example on the link above, and then send the audio samples you’re getting to FMOD.

the audiosampleprovider provides less than adequate results because you get a lot of popping which only can be reduced by increasing the latency

unless I’m doing something wrong

not to mention that it doesn’t work half the time, sometimes even causing Unity to outright crash