UE4 FMOD Integration

So, we are developing a game in UE4, using Perforce for source control, and I am having an issue. When I am working in FMOD, building the banks, and testing the game in-engine, everything works fine for me. (One concern is that the Master Bank files are placed in a different sub folder in my file explorer than in my UE project. Still under /FMOD in the UE project folder though.)
When I push changes, my team can see the nodes for playing,stopping, and doing whatever else with FMOD events, but the events themselves are not present in the engine. They’re getting compile errors and see that the event parameter on the play/stop nodes are missing references. It seems like either Perfoce is ignoring the event files, or some other dark magic is going on. Any help is appreciated!

It sounds like you are using the UE4 Perforce Integration, which currently does not work with FMOD Banks. You will need to add them to the source control outside of UE4.

We have a task to investigate a solution, but I cannot give a time frame for it at this point.

I’ve ran into a similar issue, but my method until now was to mark the FMOD folder “mark for add” in the P4V client. Somehow now the events show up but dont play for the rest of the team.