UE4 Perforce plugin and bank output directory issues.

Hello. I realize that this is a duplicate post, but when i try to post on the duplicate question i get logged out.

I have the following problem when building banks.
Banks will generate to Content/FMOD/Desktop/ (Although beeing set to just Content\FMOD in UE and FMOD). Show up in source control under the path Content\FMOD\Desktop.

The issue is that the perforce UE plugin marks all banks, events and busses as “not added”. Trying to add them via UE will instantly crash it. Dragging an event from the content browser into the game view and marking it will introduce heavy lags.

Also the log outputs:
LogFMOD:Warning: c:\jk\workspace\Build__1.5__UE4Libs_Win\lowlevel_api\platforms\win\src\fmod_output_wasapi.cpp(577) - Output requires a sample rate of 44100Hz, resampling will occur.

LogFMOD:Warning: c:\jk\workspace\Build__1.5__UE4Libs_Win\lowlevel_api\platforms\win\src\fmod_output_wasapi.cpp(582) - Output requires a channel count of 2, remixing may occur.

Help shows the FMOD help and the game plays the added sound, so the plugin should be running fine.

We will investigate this and get back to you.

You don’t need to add the generated FMOD assets to source control, since they don’t actually exist on disk. They are all generated from the .bank files.

Unfortunately, we can’t fix the assert that occurs when trying to add these assets via source control in UE4, since it isn’t anything we can change from our plugin. The only workaround is to avoid doing that.

Note that the the Studio tool also has inbuilt source control and can submit the .bank files as part of normal Studio workflow. You don’t need to add them via UE4. You can sync them from within UE4 by right clicking on the FMOD folder in the content window and selecting sync.