FMOD not applying parameter conditions to multiple elements

I have a sequence of scatterers setup on a single track in a row to trigger on various conditions. The issue I’m running into is that when I select more than one of them, the parameter condition shows up on all of them, but it’s only the first one that’s ever activated. The others ignore it completely. If I manually add the conditions to each instance, they work as expected (and I can also copy and paste them without issue). But as it’s a fairly complex project, that becomes very time consuming. This is all just within FMOD, but I’m assuming it would behave similarly once it’s implemented. This seems more like a bug than a “here’s a workaround”, since I can get it to work, but seemed worth sharing. Happy to share more details if needed. Using version 2.02.14 on Mac OS 12.6.3. Thanks.

Unfortunately, I don’t seem to be able to reproduce this behavior. When I test here, bulk editing of instrument trigger conditions works as expected.

I must therefore be doing something differently to you. Could you describe your workflow for bulk editing instrument trigger conditions in more detail? What exact series of interactions do you do when this issue occurs, and are the parameter conditions tinted gold when you attempt to bulk edit them?