Beat Count Turns Green and Stops Playing

So as you can see in the picture when I press play the bar count turns green then it waits 5 bars then it plays. Every time when I want to change to relative place in other sections it will count out some bars with the green bar count and then it will change. It might be something super stupid but yet I cant fix it.

The green text indicates that the playback position is passing through a transition timeline - presumably, the transition timeline that’s present on your “INTRO_OUTRO” magnet region. If you click the “Follow Playback Position” button (it looks like a right arrow and is just to the right of the green numbers), the editor will automatically expand the transition timeline so you can see it whenever the playback position is inside.

If this transition timeline isn’t meant to be there, you can remove it by right-clicking on the “INTRO_OUTRO” magnet region and selecting “Remove Transition Timeline” from the context menu. If it is meant to be there, you’ll have to tell us what behavior you want this event to have before we can help you achieve it.

Thank you for the reply. Understood.
It wasn’t meant to have transition regions.
I’ll apply and report back.