Best audio software to save metadata loop point/region?

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So far the only piece of software I found that can export loop points in a .wav file that are seen by Fmod Studio, is an old version of Sound Forge on Windows. On Mac, and nether Audacity, Adobe Audition, Sound Forge Pro, Ocenaudio or anything else I tried, works. They almost all seem to export metadata like markers or regions, but they’re not seen by Fmod.

What is the difference between those regions and markers, and the ones generated by the old PC Sound Forge, that makes them supported by Fmod? What software is everyone using? (Windows or Mac). Thanks.

FMOD Studio only supports sample loop points. Ordinary markers and regions do nothing. Sound Forge Pro can do it too, you just need to add a Loop (Alt-L) instead of adding a Region.

There’s a free program called Endless Wave which is pretty fast at making crossfades and saving loop points to samples.

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Thank you for this much needed clarification. Googling around the right terminology for this proved difficult.