Wav loop points broken in 1.05.05?


None of my arbitrary loop points on my music tracks seem to work since I upgraded to Fmod Studio 1.05.05. I tried checking the loop points in Sound Forge and then re-importing a tune or two in Fmod Studio but it makes no difference, they’re now all just looping from start to finish, ignoring the loop points.

Please help! Thanks.

PS: I’m using the OS X version.

what version where you on previously?

1.04, but I don’t know which one exactly.

Embedded loop point support was removed from Studio 1.05.02. It was never meant to be a feature and it’s behavior was inconsistent.

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Wow, this is quite shocking and bad news then. Most of the music in our game has intros and then a main part that loops. How can we implement this without embedded loop points?

It would be pretty useful if Fmod Studio had a way to place arbitrary loop point on audio itself. We really need a solution there. We’ve been working on this game for more than a year and all of a sudden something we were taking for granted disappeared.


Hi Romain,

You can implement this by using a loop region. We have a similar setup with the intro, looped region, and outro. The way that we set up our music Events is with a loop region over the looped area, a marker at the beginning of the outro, and a transition region over the same region as the loop region. Then we add a parameter (called “Stop Trigger”, but feel free to name it whatever makes sense to you).

The transition region is setup to transition to the outro marker, but has a condition on Stop Trigger being set to 1.0. That way, instead of stopping the Event or setting its position, all I have to do is just set “Stop Trigger” to 1.0 and the Event will stop on its own.

One thing that would be nice is that if the source .wav file has loop point markers embedded in it, if FMOD would automatically add a loop region to the Event when the wav file gets added.

Hope that helps!

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Just letting you know that we have reinstated support for embedded loop points in source sounds. This will be available in the next point release, version 1.05.10.

Although it is true that embedded loop points were not officially supported in Studio before, they did kind of work as a result of Studio sitting on top of FMOD low level. And it appears that several customers were relying on them, as we found out when they were disabled in version 1.05.02. Well, embedded loop points are back now, and this time officially supported.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

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