Fmod Studio not supporting wav loop points?


I’m used to Fmod Designer. While it was far from perfect and I more than welcome the shift to Studio, which seems much more elegant and powerful, I’m surprised to see that it doesn’t seem to support the loop points set in an audio editing software, like Designer used to.

Am I doing something wrong or is it known? (and if I’m not mistaken, can it be fixed soon?)



With Multi-Sounds you can get samples to use their own loop points by setting each sample in the multi-sound’s play list to loop individually by itself. If you set the multi-sound’s playlist to loop (instead of each sample), it will continue repeating randomized samples, but not loop the samples with their own loops.

If you place the sample on a timeline (so that the waveform shows up) or set it to loop there, it won’t use the sample’s loop points.

Hope this helps (looks like you have to scroll to see the bottom of the image, sorry):

[attachment=0]sample loops.png[/attachment]

It does, thank you!


Our plan for loops makers within audio files is to support loop regions down the in deck. Hope to have time to schedule that into a release soon.

For the moment, if you’re dealing with music tracks - placing a tempo marker turns on snapping for beats and bars on the timeline, which hopefully makes defining loops regions a little easier.