Best practices to manage assetbundles

hi all!
I have a question:
my audio stuff should be shipped into an unity assetbundle with 3d, textures, etc…
what’s the best way to do this?

(hidden question:) how can I put the .bank files into my assetbundle pack and use when I load the assetbundle?

thank you! :hugs:

When you mention “audio stuff” are you referring to bundling the FMOD dlls and header files into the asset bundle? As I do not believe this is possible. You should be able to use .bank files with AssetBundles.

You can place the .bank files directly into the AssetBundle but you will have to load them by scripting and not through the LoadBank components.

hi Richard!
I have in my ‘to export’ project a folder called Desktop where are stored the .bank files…

the only way to use in the main project is:

when I export the assetbundle I copy the Desktop\*.bank into the export folder
when I load the assetbundle I load the *.bank files exported…

I will prefer to have the .bank files inside my assebundle file, and load in someway after I load the assetbundle file…

hope to be more clear with this post!

Following would be best possible way to do it as per my knowledge only run that script and depending on complexity of your asset bundle it will create.