Unity Mobile Game: Best way to manage banks uploaded on DB (firebase)

Hi, I making a mobile game with Unity. It has connection to Firebase and I am implementing the audio via FMOD.
It is a musical game, so, it will have some music included in the “normal version”, and the user will be able to purchase music packs. And these music packs will be FMOD banks uploaded on firebase.
Question 1: What is the best way to manage this approach, with asset bundles?
Question 2: The music included in the “normal version” is using a lot of space and is making the game so heavy. I wonder if there is a way to load specific banks from firebase at runtime in order to reduce the size of the game.

Thanks a lot in advance!

The best way to handle what you’re trying to accomplish would be to use Unity’s Addressables system to load in your banks. It is also possible (and recommended if memory is a constraint) to load specific banks as needed at runtime, though I can’t help you with the specific process of retrieving them from your database.

Essentially, you’ll want to keep your master bank and master strings bank loaded at all times - these need to be up-to-date with all “downloadable” banks, as the master bank contains the metadata for your other banks, as well as the mixer. You should then be able to download the addressable bank assets from your database and load them as needed at runtime, as the master bank will already contain their metadata.

I’d recommend taking a look at our documentation on DLC/UGC and using Addressables for more information on how the process would work.

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Your answer is pretty helpful, thanks for share it :smiley:

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No problem!

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