Better to use FMOD spacializer or Resonance spacializer?

I ask this because I am having lots of problems/bugs with the Resonance spacializer.

Does anyone have a preference / what are most people using?


Which is better will depend largely on what you are trying to achieve. Resonance does really well with headphone scenarios because it can spatialize sounds above, below and behind the listener with better accuracy than the FMOD spatializer can. There are limitations with it though, it costs more CPU to process and it sends the output directly to the renderer DSP limiting submixing opportunities. The FMOD spatializer is best for multi-channel speaker scenarios or limited CPU.

What kinds of bugs are you seeing with the Resonance spatializer?

Thanks Mathew.

I am trying to work out which spacializer ‘track’ I am going to go down.
I have noticed that the Resonance one dramatically changes the sound of the events, especially if some of the sounds used in them is stereo.
FMODS Spacializer deals with stereo sounds a lot better.

Firstly I was trying to establish if it was better to have the Resonance Listener on the Event’s Master ie one for each event OR just one on the Mixers master ie one listener for the whole project.
Is there a preferred way of situating the listener?

I could get the Res spacializing to work in FMOD, but upon dropping the events into UE4, they would not play sound in the game level…but they would play the sound in UE4 just clicking the event play button…ie not in the game level.

I then decided to take off the Res Source Spacializer and go back to the FMOD spacializer and test if that would work. This rendered that particular event and another unfixable! Myself and another developer worked on the event for prob 2 hours to fix it with no solution.
We ended up going back to the previous days backup and all was good, except for the days work lost.

Weird thing was that Events that had not been altered with the Res plug still worked in the game level,
Events that had been altered with the res plug and then taken back to the FMOD plug would play the sound with the UE4 play event button, but would not play in the game level…and could not be fixed.

After reverting to the previous days backup, this morning I tried to replicate the issues, but could not. Anything I added the Resplug to and then changed back to the FMOD plug would work fine in UE4.

And yes, we did many restarts of EU4 and FMOD and the PC when trying to fault find the day before :slight_smile:

One other thing that I did notice was adding a new Event in FMOD, then assign a bank then save/build, even though UE4 had said that the banks were updated correctly, the new event would not show in UE4, only restarting UE4 would fix that specific issue.

So at the moment, I think I will forward your email to our programmer who is a UE employee to see what he thinks we should do.

Thankyou for your reply,

Anymore info that you can tell us will be greatly appreciated.


When placing the Resonance listener, you should place it in the global mixer as you can only have one.

A possible reason Resonance wasn’t working for you in-game could have been a missing plugin. You need to make sure the resonance plugin is being loaded by UE4 otherwise it will not work. You should see errors in the log regarding this.

When you switched Resonance back to the FMOD spatializer, make sure that signal path wasn’t routing into the Resonance listener. The listener will only mix stereo content being fed directly and it will drop everything else.

I’m not sure why the banks in UE4 weren’t reloading for you, but if you can reproduce that problem please let us know the steps so we can look into it further.

Thankyou for that info Mathew.
So maybe I should put the listener on a group bus instead of the Mixer Master, and have all Resonance encoded Events go through that?


Yes, that would be good and would isolate the signal chain if you wanted a mix of Resonance and FMOD Spatializer DSPs.

Hello Mathew,
I had a similar incident today with the bank update issue I had.
I added a “" to an event that was firing in UE4, and created a new event and named it what the other original event was called.
Rebuilt the bank etc and UE4 would keep playing the original event, even though the original event had a "
” added to its name.
Only way I could figure out to fix it was to quit UE4 and restart it.

Hi Rosco

Thanks for reporting this. I’ve been able to reproduce this issue internally and I’ve created an issue in our issue tracker for it to be addressed in a future release.


Nice one :slight_smile: