Using transceivers with resonance audio to get the mixer working?

I am sitting trying to somehow getting the mixer in FMOD to work together with resonance audio somehow - with a hack. I am aware that when using resonance audio the mixer is being bypassed due to the spatialisation.
But is it somehow possible to use the transceiver/receiver effect on an event which is not spatialized using resonance audio. Transmitting the audio to another event that is spatialized using resonance audio, and then be able to mix using the mixer on the un-spatialized event?
Or is there any other smart way of being able to mix your events using resonance audio?

No. What you are trying to do is impossible.

The Resonance Audio listener effect spatializes and mixes the signals from every Resonance Audio Source effect in your project as a single step. As a result, there is no point in the signal chain at which the signals from specific events have been spatialized but not yet mixed, and thus no point at which you could position a send or transceiver effect to get the spatialized-but-unmixed signal of a specific event. For more information about why the Resonance Audio plugin has this limitation, you will have to contact the Resonanace Audio developers through their website or GitHub page.

If there was some way to work around this limitation purely through FMOD, we would have built it into the mixer ourselves.

Hi Joseph,
Thanks for the answer. Now I know for sure :slight_smile:
Big wish for future implementation … but I guess I need to address this to Google then.
This is possible when using the oculus spatialiser right?

There’s a simple way to tell if any effect bypasses the normal routing paths: Put it on the master track of an event, then play the event and see if its master track output meters show any activity. If they appear to be metering a signal, the effect is producing output normally; but if the meters are empty, it means that the normal routing path is being bypassed.