[Bug][2.02.04] Unity Integration build issues

Hi there,

we have been using FMOD for a bit now in our project and have encountered a couple of issues that present themselves only when creating a build of the game. The cause of these issues is the same for all of them - missing using directives/not fully qualifying used types. These issue are specifically:

  • BoltIntegration.cs, line 41
    FileNotFoundException not being qualified as part of the System.IO namespace.
  • Platform.cs, lines 585 & 586
    MethodInfo and BindingFlags types not being qualified as part of the System.Reflection namespace.

Given that there is other platform/feature dependant code, it is likely that there are other parts of the plugin where the same issues are present and overlooked due to the use of preprocessor directives. I hope that these and other possible issues like them will be found out and fixed in future version of FMOD so that we can avoid having people fix them individually and re-do them with every update. Thanks in advance.


I would like to apologize for the false alarm caused by the original post. I have backtracked this issue and found out that we have accidentally applied code cleanup to the plugin source files which have removed unused using statements. This went unnoticed until the build process where the relevant code was hit and we assumed the problem was not our own doing. We have reverted these changes and everything is working fine now.

It might be worth considering scanning the codebase and finding out cases like these and either fully qualifying the used types or applying the same preprocessor directives on the using statements. This would prevent others from shooting themselves in the foot like we did while gaining some, although minor, improvements to IDE performance and compilation times.