BUG - Can't drag automation or condition value

FMOD Studio 2.01.08 on Windows 10

Attempting to add an automation point in the timeline or trying to drag any condition value results in the mouse being thrown to the bottom left corner of the screen, making it impossible to add new automation points.

I have already disabled TeamViewer and Synergy like programmes. This doesn’t fix the issue.

I can drag and drop assets and change things like loop regions with no issue. Conditions and automation are my only problem.

Do you have any other accessibility programs, such as a mouse gesture program or a keyboard shortcut tool (eg. autohotkeys)?

Nope. I haven’t even used AutoHotkey in years.
The only keyboard shortcut tool I have is the macro programme for my keyboard (Logitech G Hub)

I’ve been tested with several different mice and accessibility tools but unfortunately I’ve not been able to reproduce it. The only things I can think of at the moment are the following:

  • Can you please try updating or reinstalling your mouse drivers?
  • Can you please try exiting/closing the Logitech G Hub and trying again?
  • Can you please try updating FMOD Studio to the latest version or reinstalling and see if the problem persists there?
  • Are there any errors being thrown in Window > Console > Logging?

If all of these didn’t help, are you able to provide a video of this issue happening?

The bug appears to be fixed in the most recent FMod Studio 2.01.09