Can't use mouse in Studio without it resetting my mouse to the lower left

Using Studio 2.01.10 on windows 10 (bootcamp). It’s the strangest bug, everytime I go to click on anything, automation point, asset, pop-up value. it resets my mouse position to the bottom left of my screen, I can’t drag anything and really I can’t work. I’m not having this issue with any other program. Any ideas how to fix? It’s kind of crippling.

Hi greendendr,

Are you using multiple monitors? There’s a known issue where any drag-able controls will have behavoiur like you describe on a secondary monitor. We have a fix for it scheduled for the next release. You can work around it by only using fmod studio on your primary monitor.

Yes it is my secondary monitor. Thanks! I’ll try that.

Also, Thanks for the quick response!