Studio Mac 2.02 screen bugginess editing Automation

hey there. had issues with editing automation in 2.01 and and still an issue in the newest download. it seems that the mouse cursor disappears when clicking automation points and curves. normal behavior appears to be to hide the cursor on mousedown, but there are times when mouseup doesn’t make the cursor appear again. this seems to be most prevalent when editing curves near the the boundaries of the automation Track.

also i know you’re hot and heavy with updates to the Preview version. i’m trying to gauge when most GUI and menu changes will be finished, or at least once you reach a stopping point of sorts. i’m writing curriculum for a course and would like to limit the amount of times i have to revise it to cover new visual features. might be unrealistic but i thought i would ask.

thanks in advance!


This is a known issue with Macintosh builds of Studio. We’re currently in pursuit of a solution.

Never! Just as we did with Designer, we will continuously add features to Studio in response to the requests and needs of our users. That said, the changes will gradually become less dramatic - more minor tweaks and specialized subsystems than workflow-changers - and the impact those features make on the GUI will be proportionally less drastic.
Studio version 1.0 will include all our planned ‘core features,’ and will ideally be released sometime in late March. After that, we will still occasionally implement major changes, but they’ll become fewer and further between as time goes on.