BUG: EQ band set at >20k causes clicks when using automation


I’ve just been hunting for a bug that’s causing an event to create audible clipping distortion on playback.

I thought it was some internal clipping going on or something along those lines, but I eventually narrowed the issue down to having the top band of an EQ on the event set to 22kHz. Bringing it down to 20kHz resolves the issue. (I was wanting to just use the mid band like a high shelf).

This bug isn’t audible in the editor. Playing back the event there sounds fine. It’s only audible when connected to Unity or in a compiled build.

Just a heads-up for the dev team and anyone else who might be getting distortion from an event with an EQ on it.


What versions of FMOD and Unity are you using?


FMOD: 2.00.05
Unity: 2019.3.7f1

I have not been able to reproduce the issue personally, are you able to upload a project (https://fmod.com/profile#uploads) and provide specific steps to reproduce the issue.

Apologies for the slow reply.

I’m afraid I can’t upload a build as it is part of a commercial project. Also, I’ve been unable to to recreate the problem since fixing so I wonder if it was some combination of routings and busses that was causing clipping somewhere in the gain-staging due to a minor increase in volume. (there have been changes to the routing structure since I was experiencing the bug so reverting changes just to that event doesn’t seem to bring it back now).

Sorry again for not being more help: it seems like such an edge case that no-one else may ever experience it. The only thing I can think to look at is where there are any differences in output level when the high-band is set to 22k.

No problem, we will look into this further to see what we can find.

Hi monomoon,

I was wondering if you were using the multiband eq with a non-zero gain set on one of the bands? Lowshelf, highshelf and peaking modes all allow you to set a gain, which can then lead to clipping of the audio (which would sound like clicks).

If it happens in the future, it’s worth checking that there is no gain set anywhere on the multi band eq.