Weird sound peak when playing an event first time in Fmod


I got a weird bug that I can’t find why it happens. When I start a specific event first time I open fmod studio, the audio peak for a second and comes to normal after that. If I stop the event and play it again, it does not peak and played perfectly.

This is for the fmod part. Now, if the event starts in the game (unity or build), it peak 100% each time it plays. What can it be??



What version of FMOD are you using? Is it possible to upload the audio source that is peaking to your profile? And to get a screenshot of how the Event is set up? That is including any effects on the track the audio source is on and the master track.

I’m using 2.02, but after investigation, I found it was a command instrument that was doing something to a parameter, so all fine. Thanks for the reply!

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No worries, good to hear its solved!