Clicks,pops and glitches while playback

Hello there!

We are working on a VR project on Unreal Engine. For some reason when the game is playing we randomly start to hear clicks pops and glitches on our audio. Sometimes more, sometimes less. But it always happens. I have tried a lot of things but I cannot find a solution. Our main output is set to Stereo and we mostly use mono sources. We are going to use google resonance as our spatialization plugin. But before we go for that, I would love to solve this issue.

Maybe the issue has to do with sample rate? Or encoding settings?

We import all our sound at 48.000 Hz, 24bits. For desktop the encoding setting we use Vorbis 37%., for PS4 AT9.

Our set up: FMOD 1.10.14, 64-bits, UE 4.25

We would really appreciate your help, Thank you!

Hi Dzambrano,

Is it possible to upgrade to FMOD 2.1? There have been some important fixes to resonance audio available in the latest 2.0 and 2.1 versions, and the 2.1 version has some significant performance improvements that may assist in resolving your issues.

Hi! thank you for your quick response. Ok yes we are gonna try migrating our proyect to Fmod 2.1.

Another issue that we are having is that banks are build correctly, but when playing the game, a whole bank is not reproducing sounds. Each time we build banks one of them (randomly) stops playing.

Does this has to do with number of sounds/events playing at the same moment?

Thanks again.

This link describes the different voice limiting behaviours you might be experiencing -

If that doesn’t explain what is occurring, if you could narrow down your issue, we can figure out what’s going on.