Profiler audio recordings clicking

Hello, i have an issue to report. I am using Fmod 2.01.05 Win 64 bit, Unreal Engine 4.25.3, Fmod plugin 2.01.05. Fmod build is in Vorbis 37% Surround 5.1

I recently noticied that audio files recorded with profiler sessions have some clicks all the time. I uploaded an example audio file and also some screenshots with maximum values at that time. None of the values are extreamly high so i have no clue what is causing this. In this segment you can hear a bit of ambiance and some footsteps, no loud sounds.

Thank you
PS: I see that the values are a bit small to read, CPUMixer 10,52%, CPUupdate Total 4,11%, Memory 677,369 KB, Levels Peak -27 RMS -33, Voices 15. Instances All Total Playing Active 20

Thanks for reporting this issue. I’ve added it to our bug tracker.

Hey Koca

Listening to the audio and looking at the graphs/audio output, the particular clicks sound unlikely to be related to performance. There also doesn’t appear to be any clipping of the final signal

I don’t have your project data, so I can’t be sure, but if I was to guess, there might be some clipping inside one of the events. Multiband/3-eq with high gain settings can cause this - see BUG: EQ band set at >20k causes clicks when using automation

Ok we tracked it down.
We were able to replicate it with a test project so it is not project related. Its FMOD version related.
Tried on a 2.0 version and it didnt happen.
So in order to replicate it you basicaly just need to switch to waveform mode on a recorded profiler session and play ambiance file thats at least 10 sec long, 48 khz 16 bit. Bank set to vorbis, default quality. Did not tried to change bank type, maybe there are different results. You can play it from a Play 2d event node from level blueprint. Or you can just play some footsteps or whatever and run it through a convolution reverb with out the ambiance, same thing. It doesn`t happen with regular reverb.
I did get it to not happen when i played some 5 sec mono files as ambiance but i am not sure if thats the rule.


I haven’t reproduced it here, but I’m not quite sure what you are referring to with ambience (or if there is something specific to the ambience file you are using). Is it possible for you to package a minimal project with just the event and assets needed to reproduce this issue for us to look at?