BUG: nested command instrument doesn't set parameter value

A command instrument setting or incrementing a parameter value, nested in a sub-event, wont execute, if the parameter is set to local. It seems as if the parameter scope was only the nested event and excludes the parent event (which I don’t think is a really desirable behavior!).

EDIT: a conditional triggering inside the nested after the command instrument does work, which confirms my hypothesis about the scope. At the very least, I think the parameter’s value could be propagated to the parent(s) if the “exposed recursively” option is checked…

This is, by the way, somewhat inconsistent with the fact local parameter changes in a parent event does of course propagate to its children.

As you’ve discovered, a propagated parameter can be affected by it’s child and parent, but the child does not affect the parent. This is by design, it’s behaving the same as scope in programming. Any automation done within the child event will still occur but the actual value won’t be reflected by the parent, and any changes to the parent event’s parameter will override the child.