Question about local parameters and command instruments

This is a separate issue that I’ve run into while trying to achieve this:

When I use a command instrument to modify a LOCAL parameter, this has no effect. It only works for global parameters.

I’ve set this flag:

Which sounds like it should make this work? Or am I missing something?

If this is not supported, then it would be good if the UI wouldn’t let me choose a local parameter to modify in the first place.

Edit: The command instrument is inside a nested event, so it should modify the parameter value of the surrounding event.

This is with FMOD version 2.02.20.

What you’re observing is expected behavior. While local parameters in referenced events can be exposed recursively, parameter value changes only take effect moving down the referencing hierarchy - parameter value changes originating from the referenced event don’t affect the exposed parameter value in the referencing event.

For a situation like this, I would recommend using a global parameter instead of a local parameter. If a global parameter isn’t suitable for the event behavior you’re trying to set up, can I get you to elaborate on what exactly you’re trying to do so that I can understand the situation a bit better, and hopefully suggest a workaround?

Sorry, didn’t see your response until now. I would expect to get e-mails for answers, but apparently I don’t.

Anyway, I did solve it using a global parameter instead, but I still wanted to understand this.

I was trying to do the same thing as here:

Just with a local value instead. Ie an event that represents my music playlist and automatically moves forward when one track ends.

There are probably many ways that this could be done, I’m still a beginner when it comes to using FMOD.