Feature Request: Command Instrument inherits local parameters from Parent Event

Just like Event Instruments, it would be awesome if there was an option to pass local parameter values to a Command Instrument. I like the nature of total independence that a command instrument has from its parent event, but aside from starting and stopping not much else can be done.

I have a scenario atm where I need to trigger a referenced event that must not stop when the parent event stops, accomplished using the command instrument, but then none of the parameters of its parent event get passed on.

Before you ask, I can’t make those parameters global.

Thank you

Unfortunately, there’s currently no way to set the local parameters of an event instance spawned by a command instrument.

I’ve added your suggestion to our feature/improvement tracker.

Thank you! Hopefully we will see this feature implemented in the future.

Hi Joseph,

Are you saying there’s no way to set parameter values at all on events started via command instruments or just that they won’t inherit the values from the parent? Would global parameters update on these events?


Yes, unless those parameters are global.


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Thanks for the info!