Bug parameter description in plugins

Hi, I would like to announce a bug for custom plugins.

When a parametername is too long for the param description (18 chars or so) the binding cannot be found and the plugins dont load correctly and the parameter is not displayed in the UI.

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What version of the FMOD are you using?

Unfortunately, I was not able to reproduce the issue.

Would it be possible to get a copy of your plugin uploaded to your profile?

Hi, I uploaded the .js file, the compiled plugin as well as the VS project. Sorry for hardcoding the fmod include.

I am currently using FMOD 2.02.20 but i already had this on 2.02.15. Earlier i cannot say.
If the parameter “mode” would be called “is_half_throttle” it would be already too long. I didn’t have this problem in this particular plugin but in any plugin I compiled on my own.


Thank you for the plugin, I was able to rename the parameter to “Is Throttle Half” and have it display:
But this was setting it in the .js file like so: "mode": { displayName: "Is Throttle Half", enumeration: ["Accel", "Accel Half Throttle", "Decel", "Decel Half Throttle"]}
However, renaming mode to is_half_throttle in the visual studio project will result in it not displaying correctly.

Could you try just setting the .js file and let me know if it displays correctly?

Ouh, the problem is not the “displayName” but the name in code, thus in VS and this one:


Renaming in VS to " is_half_throttle" and in the .js to " is_half_throttle" creates the problem.

I mean if you know the problem everything is fine. I just forgot after half a year and was wondering at first when i created my 4th plugin haha.

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I have been able to reproduce the issue using your plugin. However, if you use the custom plugin example fmod_gain I do not run into the issue:
The name is “Long Parameter Name”.

Could you look at our fmod_gain example and check for differences?