FMOD Studio for Unity 2.00.01 - Script Error / Feedback

Hi Fmod,

theres a couple of missing “+” symbols in the latest 2.00.01 plugin.
The problem file is
around lines 363 - 365 the concatination of fmodLibPath with the “string” values need “+” between them.

Hope thats some help, just started using fmod, great job, after a year of hobbyist dev in Unity I’ve only just found Fmod and it does all the stuff I’ve been creating custom scripts to handle, thanks.

Also I added this overload in

public void SetParameter(string name, float value){
            if (instance.isValid()){
                instance.setParameterByName(name, value);

so it matches up with the docs here

Thanks very much for the feedback.

This issue has already been resolved and will be in the upcoming release.

This one should be added back in for the next release.