BUG (possibly): Event Priorities not "sticking" between saving/loading of project (2.01.08)


I’ve a larger project ~700 events, and noticed sth. odd yesterday, when changing the priority of some events from medium to high, saving the project, closing FMOD the event priority would be reset to medium again upon re-opening of the Project.

I had this happen with a handful of events. The only way to make it “stick” was to duplicate the event and delete the old one. Running integrity checks prior to this didn’t find any issues with the project.

In addition to setting priorities from within Studio I’ve been using the javascript API to bulk edit event priorities. Maybe there’s a chance that doing it this way can “corrupt” the meta data? I’m not sure though since it appears totally random as to which events are affected.


I’ve been testing this in a large project on my computer but I can’t seem to replicate this issue. Could you please let me know if you have your FMOD Studio project in a source control repository? Also, if you could post the code for your priority adjusting script, we can take a look into that.

Hi Richard,

sure thing here it is. The changed priority not saving also happened when changing it by hand though for these couple events.

this.Cmd_SetPriorityOfSelectedBrowserEvents = function(priority) {

  var objects = studio.window.browserSelection();

  if(objects.length > 0) {
    objects.forEach(function(obj) {
        obj.automatableProperties.priority = priority;
  } else {
    console.error("Error: Browser selection empty.");

In this project I also have a strange “.” file in my asset browser that I can’t get rid of and that doesn’t show up in Explorer (show hidden files enabled, directory has write access).

It just showed up one day.

The code you sent is fine. Could you confirm if the project is in source control (git/plastic scm/perforce) or a file backup system like Google Drive or Dropbox?

In regards to the mystery file you have - could you open the project’s “Metadata” folder in a code editor and search the entire “AudioFile” folder for:

<property name="assetPath">

The whitespace is important (I tried in Visual Studio Code) for searching. You should hopefully find something with this.

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Thank you, I found the mystery file :)!

Yeah, I had the project in git version control until I hit the repo size limit of my git provider. I’ve removed the .git folder for now and returned to manual backups.