Event Browser Bug - No Events

(Damion Sheppard) #1

Hey guys,

This has happened since around 1.06 (the earliest version I worked with) - I just never got around to reporting it.

Sometimes the events (and snapshots etc) disappear from the event browser within Unity. After a bit of fiddling, I found the only way to get them to come back was to temporarily select a different path type (as in single or multi-platform), then re-select the correct type. This seems to ‘refresh’ the events and works 95% of the time.

However, I am unable to reproduce the issue in the first place - it just seems to happen whenever. I am currently working with two totally separate developers and they have both also had this problem on more than a few occasions. And the solution that I discovered worked for them too.

Is this a known issue? Anyone else came across this? It’s obviously not a dev-breaking problem but it is a massive nuisance.

Thanks for reading,


(Nicholas Wilcox) #2

Most likely cause is the integration detecting file modifications (either exporting in the tool or syncing from source control) and trying to build the event list from files that are still being written.

We made this more robust in 1.07.07 so if you’re still seeing it in later builds let me know.

(Damion Sheppard) #3

It’s definitely still happening at 1.08.

Cheers for your response!

(Nicholas Wilcox) #4

I was working on a different machine and discovered it’s still too eager loading files from big projects or on slower machines. I’ll increase the delays in 1.08.10.