Bypass Effects with a Parameter


I want to use a Pitch Shifter which is going to be controlled by a parameter. However, I don’t want the pitch shifter to be always running. Is there a way to avoid having it always turned on?

I checked some threads from a couple years ago and it was said that a solution is planned.
Did something happen in the meantime?

The best solution in my opinion would be the ability to automate the bypass of an effect (like you can do in any DAW). Second best solution would be a dry/wet knob that you can automate.

So I guess there is nothing…

Bypassing effects during runtime is a feature we wish to work on for a future release, but currently it isn’t possible with FMOD Studio.

Okay, thank you for the reply. Any possible workaround that doesn’t include snapshots?

Unfortunately not. It may be possible to use the Core API to use setBypass() on the channelgroup of the bus it resides on, but this is quite complicated and untested so may not work entirely.