Bus:/ not found if no fspro files loaded

We are trying to use the core FMod Api in Unity for capturing audio from microphone devices to send over the network. So we are not using FMod studio api. But Unity Plugin expects a dbus to be present which is only added if a studio master bank exists. Also starting an audio capture by CoreSystem recordStart API is causing crashes on Android Oneplus 6T, if the recordStop is not manually called before OnApplicationPause. But Runtime manager doesn’t have any callback before it suspends the mixer. So my question is what would be most appropriate way to record sound and be able to get the raw DSP buffer data with fmod.

The FMOD Unity integration is a wrapper for the FMOD Studio API. If you just want to use the FMOD Core API then you can either import a dummy project into the Unity integration, or you can use the Core API C# wrapper and libraries available in the FMOD Engine to handle everything yourself.

I’m guessing calling recordStop inside OnApplicationPause doesn’t work? Would it be possible for you to please share a crash log / stack trace?

Thanks a lot for replying Jeff,

I was new to FMOD stuff so I wasn’t aware of that but it took me some figuring out and I was able to fix the issue, yes the RuntimeManager.cs is the class I was using and I was mixing the usages of core and studio API. But I did some reading around and figured that fmod.cs is the class that wraps the core API. Fixing my usages to only use the core API fixed the issue for me (Which involved doing core api Session_Create and release etc.)

calling recordStop inside my OnApplicationPause wasn’t working because the order of the OnApplicationPause calls wasn’t determined.

But its all fixed now and everything works beautifully.


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