Documentation is wrong (CoreSystem)

I’m just getting started with FMOD and saddened to see there’s no clear guide on recording microphone input from within Unity.

I’m trying to translate the C++ example, which is available at FMOD Studio API Windows\api\core\examples\record.cpp after downloading the FMOD Studio Suite → FMOD Engine (a bit too much trouble to see a code example), though I already had some trouble following the documentation due to a mismatch:

In this page it says one can access the Core API using static FMOD.Studio.System CoreSystem();, which is within FMODUnity.RuntimeManager (as mentioned at the start of the page).

The problem is FMODUnity.RuntimeManager has no such member. What it does have is a static property (not method) called CoreSystem which returns an FMOD.System object (and not FMOD.Studio.System).

I’m a little worried that I’ll get stuck on something like this again soon enough but here’s hoping!

Thanks for the work you do, and please consider making a guide on recording microphone input from Unity! Thanks!

You are correct, there are no C# Unity based guides for microphone recording in our package, as you’ve discovered, it is possible using the API but can be fairly involved. Our aim is to bundle this functionality into a new kind of instrument so its usage can be completely handled with only minor code involvement but that task hasn’t been scheduled just yet.

Thanks for pointing out the documentation issues, you are quite right that the accessors for both Studio System and Core System are properties not methods. Also, the docs for the Core System incorrectly say FMOD.Studio.System, when it should be FMOD.System. I’ve fixed these for our next release.

I found this from awhile back and wanted to followup…

@mathew Is there an updated ETA on when a Unity-specific example and/or “new kind of instrument” will be provided?

Unfortunately I don’t have an ETA for either of those things but if you create a new forum thread with some details about what your trying to achieve we can help you get through it.

Thanks @mathew and I posted a reply here about the intent: General advice on user-friendly process for players to upload audio assets then pipe them through FMOD-powered Unity? - #4 by torley-gallium

The knowledge is fragmented, so we’re trying to find a clearer path. If there’s any key details we should know, please advise.

There is a code snippet in this post: about recordStart on unity - Unity - FMOD Forums that should give you a good idea on how to do recording in Unity using FMOD. Just be aware any reference to LowlevelSystem is now CoreSystem.

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